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Try One Aerial Flight Inventory
$ 99
One-time inventory report and site assessment. We'll send a pilot to your site.
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$ 150
Monthly subscription to Stockpile Reports. No obligation. Use any combination of iPhones or drones—unlimited users, unlimited measurements.
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$99, One-time Aerial Inventory for Five Stockpiles
We’ll send a certified drone pilot to fly your site, and the next day we'll walk through your results in a Site Assessment & Data Review Meeting. We'll recommend a site inventory plan. You'll get a touch-free inventory measure for 5 stockpiles. Just schedule your flight and your meeting.

  • Drone flight
  • Personalized demo
  • Site and data review meeting
  • Verified inventory reporting for 5 piles

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Buy it Now
Sign up for a Stockpile Reports subscription for as little as $150 a month for 5 stockpiles. Measure as often as you want with your drones and iPhones. With a kick-off meeting, we’ll get you up and running quickly.

  • Online training on how to measure with the iPhone and/or drone
  • Dashboard for everyone in your company
  • Unlimited user accounts, installs, iPhone & drone measurements
  • 3rd-party verified inventory reporting

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