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Brings stability to financials, reduces write-offs, and enables companies / teams to perform large scale inventory more frequently and for less money.

Comes with unlimited measurements, unlimited users, iPhone and drone measurements, and a web portal to manage everything.

How it Works

Your finance team, operation managers, and measurers will all work together in our centralized, cloud-hosted system to manage, conduct, and approve the inventory.

Stockpile Reports is an image-based measurement technology. You can use your own drones and iPhones. There's no special hardware to buy.

We’re the only solution that works from both air and ground cameras.

Instead of the traditional bottleneck of a few specialized resources, we distribute the measurement responsibility to many: Your team (phones, drones) and/or our pilots.


Eliminate Costly Write-downs
With the ease and speed of managing your inventory with Stockpile Reports, you can get inventory done more quickly and more often, eliminating costly financial adjustments.
Get Scale at Very Low Cost
We're the only solution in the world that gives you an easy way to scale your inventory quickly across your entire company. With a combination of using your employees and their iPhones, your own drone pilots, or our network of drone pilots, you can get inventory done very quickly, all-at-once, at all your locations at the same time. No bottlenecks.
Improved Operational Decision Making
With always knowing your stockpile levels, you'll be able to run a tighter production, not overproducing materials, and be more competitive and profitable with your pricing and bids.
Auditor Friendly, 3rd-party Compliant
Because the Stockpile Reports system automatically processes your measurements, it’s not only quicker, but is free from internal influence over results. Our process is auditor approved.


Zero-touch Pile Processing
We drastically reduce your labor. Our system automatically identifies your piles, saving you hours of back-office work. Plus, you don't worry about vehicles, overhead stackers, or equipment, because Stockpile Reports Pro automatically removes equipment from your measurements, giving you worry-free results.
Pile Volumes & Detailed Reports
Along with your pile volumes and tonnage, you get detailed reports showing hi-res imagery, video playback, 2D and 3D pile models, plus pile condition risks and measurement scoring.
Measure with Your iPhones and/or Drones
We're the only solution in the market that gives you the ability to measure from both the ground and air. Our patented iPhone app enables you to measure indoor piles (where drones can't fly), and enables you to cover lots of ground when your piles are geographically dispersed. Drones are great because you can capture imagery of your entire site in a single flight.
Verified Reports
Our system automatically scores the quality of the measurements you and your team perform, whether you missed part of the pile toe or surface, or whether there was site or pile condition risks affecting your measurement. If the measurement quality was high, then your report gets stamped with a Verified Report. With lesser quality measurements, you'll have the opportunity to manually evaluate it and decide with your team whether or not the pile should be re-measured or cleaned up.
Dispute Resolution
If you ever have a question or concern about a given measurement, there's a Request Inquiry button on each measurement report screen, enabling you to have us investigate that given measurement to help resolve any concerns or questions you might have.
Comprehensive Help & Training
The Stockpile Reports iPhone app has a fantastic in-app tutorial and walk-through, giving you everything you need to be successful with measuring stockpiles.
Bin/Bunker Measurements
With Stockpile Reports, each of your bin/bunker dimensions are stored in the web portal. Our system uses those dimensions combined with a simple, front-side surface measurement to reliably and accurately get you material volumes. It works like a charm!
Export Data to Spreadsheets
Export any data you want, from the web portal, as a downloadable spreadsheet.